my hand got really really cold

(bird ring - freedom, silver 'jacinda' ring - dannijo, net-a-porter.com)
i had to take these photos really quickly before my hand froze off and the rings sunk in the snow. the dannijo ring was a present from my sister for christmas and i bought the bird one yesterday in selfridges, i actually bought 2 - one for me and one for holly my bestie, just so that we can be bird twins. i'm even going to get mine silver plated so that i can wear it forever without my finger rotting off. the dannijo ring caught my eye a while ago, possibly because it's silver, shiny and oversized?

i had to include the snow somewhere in this post seeing as it is today's hot (or cold) topic. sorry i couldn't resist. i didn't make it to work so have been 'attempting' to work from home, bit tricky - my apologies to any magazines waiting for samples from house of fraser, i'm stuck in the snow :(

i'll let you know if i need supplies.

(i decided today that i didn't like capital letters - hence their absence in this post - don't think i'll use them for a while)


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